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ANN on Aug 29, 2000 03:32 pm

I Know

I believe we only live once. For that reason, we need to make the best of life while we are here on earth.
I believe everyone should live in a foreign country at least once in their lifetime. It provides a new outlook on your own life, and enhances your individuality.
I believe gardening is good for the soul, and a good soul is good for gardening.
I believe genuine laughter is the cure for an aching heart. It alleviates anxiety and calms the mind.
I believe in everlasting life and the reign of virtuous angels.
I believe we are never alone.
I believe love can take you to places you never thought possible. It does not stabilize itself; it keeps growing if you allow it.
I believe when we die, we win all the love we made and experienced. We should value it more than a winning lottery ticket.
I believe there is no greater loyalty than that of family and very dear friends.
I believe friends that will go to any lengths to be with you in times of need are paramount.
I believe we need to be faithful to ourselves by listening to our inner self. It guides us and will always convey the truth.
I believe solitude is where you find peace and tranquility.
I believe I am ultimately the only person who can relieve myself in moments of emptiness and sorrow.
I believe children observe and listen to another world most adults have forgotten.
I believe if we can get up after a night of grief and despair, we have learned grace.
I believe death is merely a transition into another realm…a spiritual initiation.
I believe that I don’t believe anymore. I know. I know I will embrace again some day with my loving husband.

To you sweet, Billy. Good night my love, God bless.

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