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DANA on Feb 21, 2001 10:38 pm

Has it really been a year since you left us? Every day has been such a blur. We are all waking now. Waking from the confusion and shock.
So, here you are, in my thoughts again. And here I am, stunned that it has actually been a year since you were here with us. Didn't I just see you last night? Was it only a dream then? I woke with the feeling that we were together. There are many mornings like that. I treasure them. Though, I can never quite recall what you say. Pity, for I'm sure it's good advice.
I miss you Billy. So, so much. But, at least I have the dreams right? And I think... no I know, dreams are more than we think. But our souls know that already, don't they?
Until later then...
I love you
your lil' sis

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