We're all here now
    In your piece of glory
Together we sit
    Sharing your story

How happy you are
    Watching from above
How happy you are
    And we feel your love

Together we are mourning
    Together we grieve
Your bit of heaven
    We don't want to leave

Because you are here
    In the sun and the breeze
We feel you so strongly
    In the whistling of trees

The sun shines for us
    Dancing on each wave
We watch in your honor
    And try to be brave

Your presence is missed
    The hole deep and wide
We search everywhere
    For your purposeful stride

We look through the brush
    And over each hill
Expecting to see you
    But all remains still

Yet you are here
    Filling each heart
We know you are here
    We are never apart

The love and the joy
    The person we know
How can we ever
    Truly let go

For us it is
    An all encompassing sorrow
Even though you have shown us
    It will be but tomorrow

Still the truth stands
    There is no one like you
Coming here together
    Was the best thing to do

And now we all know
    We will never say goodbye
Your message has shown us
    On Whom to rely

We try, we swear
    To remember its meaning
And when we do
    Our souls just start beaming

For the love you felt
    For us all is so clear
Your words have told us
    You'll always be near

You are but waiting
    To guide us back home
For the truth is with you
    While here we still roam

The sun and the stars
    The earth and the moon
All pale to the awe
    That we will know soon

How lucky we've been
    To have known such a man
And how glorious is God
    Here at your land

by Dana C. Kuntz

Written while camping at Billys land on Lake of the Woods