Sometimes I cling to memories
    Sometimes they break my heart
Sometimes all I hope for
    Is the day we're no longer apart

Sometimes I look to the sky and smile
    For I know with such confidence
That it will be but a short while
    And all will make perfect sense

I wait for the day I will see you again
    And the loneliness will fade away
Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever
    Stop thinking about that day

Sometimes the power of my faith
    Can't keep me from despair
Those are the times I call out His name
    And I always find Him there

Sometimes I'm filled with strength and courage
    I know I will go on
Sometimes I can hardly move
    And I know it's just begun

Sometimes I question why, why, why
    But have never felt anger or blame
I just wonder what to do
    For it will never be the same

by Dana C. Kuntz